English meaning: bright, shining
    Deutsche Übersetzung: “klar, hell, leuchtend”
    Material: AwN.. eiskra “ rage before hot excitement “, Mod.Ice. iskra also from burning pain. Lith. áiškus, where beside zero grade O.Lith. iškù s “clear, bright “. Russ. dial. jáska, demin. jásočka “ bright star “, beside it O.Bulg. jasno adv. “clear, bright, distinct”, Russ. jásnyj “light, clear, bright” from *aiskno-; Pol. jaskry, jaskrawy “blinding, dazzling, brilliant “ from *aiskro-; O.Bulg. iskra “ spark “ etc. from *iskrü. Maybe zero grade in Alb. (*aiskno-) shkëndijë ‘spark” [common Alb. n > nd phonetic mutation]. Also Alb. zero grade (*jaskry), shkrinj “melt, burn”, participle *scrum > shkrumb “ashes” [common Alb. m > mb shift] loaned in Rom. scrum “ashes”. Russ. dial. jáska, demin. jásočka “ bright star “, besides O.Bulg. jasno adv. “ clear, distinct “, Russ. jásnyj “ bright, clear “ from *aiskno; Pol. jaskry, jaskrawy “ brilliant, sparkling “ from *aiskro; O.Bulg. iskra ‘spark” etc. from *iskrü. Here the FlN Ger. Aisch (Bavaria), Eysch(en) (Luxembourg), nEng. Axe from Celt. or Ven.-Illyr. *Aiskü. Maybe Alb. (*aiskü) eshkë “mushroom (when dried used to kindle the fire)” related to Lat. esca -ae f. “food, victuals, esp. as bait”,
    References: WP. I 2, Trautmann 4, Pokorny UrIllyr. 70, 113, M. Förster Themse 839.
    See also: perhaps originated from *aidh-sk- , or from *ai-sk- in ü̆i-4.

Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary. 2015.

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